D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

The Bigger They Are...

Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Sviftmont 15, 1000AC

After their brush with horror in Highforge, the party set off for the Cruth Mountains to assist the clan of their fallen comrade Agil MacFiadhu in their feud with Clan Donal. Halfway there, the party learned the Donals had subdued the MacFiadhu with the help of an enormous “man.” The Highlanders declared for the Duke and marched to besiege the Black Eagle in Kelvin to the sound of pipe and drum.

Finding their camp atop a hill, Fenrir and Roger crept upon an enormous tent where Fenrir immediately recognized the Donal patron as a Fire Giant. Failing to persuade the giant Ailborg to join the rebellion with a promise of half of Karameikos, they withdrew, waited for evening and Roger did what he does best.

Once again waiving a severed head about, the party confronted Clan Donal. After learning Aiborg had been holding the clan leader’s sons hostage, the party rescued them from pet dire wolves in a nearby cave. With his sons safe and impressed by the prowess of the party, Toril Donal joined the Highlanders to the rebellion!

The party then marched to Threshold to arm and train their citizen soldiers.

In other war news, the embassy to Baron Sulescu was a success and his unit joined the rebellion. The Vorloi militia made it through the Dymrak and met clanless centaurs who joined to fight alongside The Seer!

All that now stands in the way of the liberation of the Traldar is dwindling coffers, the Black Eagle’s troops in Kelvin and the Duke’s troops hunkering down in Specularum!

“He’s thicker than a troll’s bottom.” (Vestlandian, about a dull person)



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