D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

Free Traldar!

Free Traldar!

Here is the wrap-up of our previous campaign set in Mystara just to give you a little flavor of our adventures.

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 28, 1000AC

When a new verse is added to The Song of Heroes, it will say that the Divine Mother Queen Morrigan personally appeared from the heavens to rain a tempest of fire down on the Grand Duke smiting him out of existence. It will also tell of The Seer courageously challenging and defeating the doomed Duke in personal combat.

It will also tell of a band of foreign heroes, so inspired by the cause of Traldar freedom that they risked (and lost) life and limb to fight the Veiled Society, steal the Eye of Traldar from under the Black Eagle’s nose, face his vicious wizard, battle pirates, delve into the heart of a volcano, cross vast deserts to face The Master, and lead the Traldar people in battle.

The Song might need more than one new verse…

After the fall of Specularum, The Seer, called the Blue Watcher, retired to his island in the Lake of Lost Dreams to keep an eye on the Black Eagle Baron (his armies wounded but no longer required to pretend loyalty to Specularum) and Baron Desmond Kelvin II (consolidating his power among the Duke’s former regular army).

Veris, always drawn to the sea, was given the responsibility to build Traldara’s new coast guard by the Provisional Ruling Counsel.

Fenrir, missing the hunt, happily agreed to lead a band of Cruth Highlanders through the Dymrak Forest to track down the Iron Ring and their goblin allies. The Dymrak goblins are said to call him Arwak Toortik – the phantom scar.

Caelnach, returned to the Black Woods to help its denizens rebuild. It is rumored he travels the high peaks of the Known World’s mountains in search of giant eagles.

Roger … no one actually saw where Roger went…

Sedulous, no longer welcome by his family in Thyatis, is reported to have opened a high-end fencing school in Ierendi.

The Lady Ecella was rumored to have traveled to Norwald in search of a dominion to rule.

Arceous was last seen in the vicinity of the Caves of Chaos searching for his missing Orcs.

Lokar, upon hearing of The Master’s flying ship, was said to have left in search of such a vessel muttering something about “flying north” and “ore, ore!”

Magalena’s Temple of Valerias is thriving thanks to all of the soldiers quartered in Specularum.

Rogan – Rogan is still trying to figure out how to use his musket.



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