D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

Ignomy in Vallaki

Curse of Strahd

Any new or returning characters can start at 3rd level.

Eight days into their sojourn in the land of Barovia, the party is no longer welcome in the town of Vallaki. Ander was drummed out of town in chains, his underwear and a plaster donkey head thanks to his defiance of the Burgomaster’s law. Of course, he was not exiled before being beaten into unconsciousness twice by the Burgomaster’s henchmen Izek.

Luckily, Ander befriended the Vistani encamped outside of Vallaki by recovering the drowned daughter of one of the camp’s leaders, Luvash, and raising her from the dead with the help of a scroll and Father Petrovich. In doing so, Ander secured the pledge of Luvash’s brother Arrigal when and if it comes time to face Strahd.

It also explains why he’s traded in his black cowl for red and yellow striped pants and silk shirt.

The party, which includes Ismark and his sister Ireena, have just arrived at the gates of Krezk in hopes of gaining entrance to the Abbey of St. Markovia.

To be continued…



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