D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

Yester Hill
Curse of Strahd

Any new or returning characters can start at 5th level.

Last session saw some new and fun characters (thanks to everyone for diving right in).

Close on the trail of the first group of strangers to arrive in Barovia is a foppish noble, a wizard prone to outrageous boasts, a relaxing cleric (free back rubs) and a slightly paranoid dwarf who enjoys mud wrestling.

Their journey took them from the gates of Krezk, to the Wizard of Wines (who insists it is just a clever name), and a mysterious hill topped with a stone circle, a wooden statue of a caped figure, a large deathly looking tree and several humanoid creatures that look like walking plants covered in needles. The party hopes to recover a green, glowing magical seed that will put the Wizard’s winery back in business.

Ignomy in Vallaki
Curse of Strahd

Any new or returning characters can start at 3rd level.

Eight days into their sojourn in the land of Barovia, the party is no longer welcome in the town of Vallaki. Ander was drummed out of town in chains, his underwear and a plaster donkey head thanks to his defiance of the Burgomaster’s law. Of course, he was not exiled before being beaten into unconsciousness twice by the Burgomaster’s henchmen Izek.

Luckily, Ander befriended the Vistani encamped outside of Vallaki by recovering the drowned daughter of one of the camp’s leaders, Luvash, and raising her from the dead with the help of a scroll and Father Petrovich. In doing so, Ander secured the pledge of Luvash’s brother Arrigal when and if it comes time to face Strahd.

It also explains why he’s traded in his black cowl for red and yellow striped pants and silk shirt.

The party, which includes Ismark and his sister Ireena, have just arrived at the gates of Krezk in hopes of gaining entrance to the Abbey of St. Markovia.

To be continued…

Free Traldar!
Free Traldar!

Here is the wrap-up of our previous campaign set in Mystara just to give you a little flavor of our adventures.

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 28, 1000AC

When a new verse is added to The Song of Heroes, it will say that the Divine Mother Queen Morrigan personally appeared from the heavens to rain a tempest of fire down on the Grand Duke smiting him out of existence. It will also tell of The Seer courageously challenging and defeating the doomed Duke in personal combat.

It will also tell of a band of foreign heroes, so inspired by the cause of Traldar freedom that they risked (and lost) life and limb to fight the Veiled Society, steal the Eye of Traldar from under the Black Eagle’s nose, face his vicious wizard, battle pirates, delve into the heart of a volcano, cross vast deserts to face The Master, and lead the Traldar people in battle.

The Song might need more than one new verse…

After the fall of Specularum, The Seer, called the Blue Watcher, retired to his island in the Lake of Lost Dreams to keep an eye on the Black Eagle Baron (his armies wounded but no longer required to pretend loyalty to Specularum) and Baron Desmond Kelvin II (consolidating his power among the Duke’s former regular army).

Veris, always drawn to the sea, was given the responsibility to build Traldara’s new coast guard by the Provisional Ruling Counsel.

Fenrir, missing the hunt, happily agreed to lead a band of Cruth Highlanders through the Dymrak Forest to track down the Iron Ring and their goblin allies. The Dymrak goblins are said to call him Arwak Toortik – the phantom scar.

Caelnach, returned to the Black Woods to help its denizens rebuild. It is rumored he travels the high peaks of the Known World’s mountains in search of giant eagles.

Roger … no one actually saw where Roger went…

Sedulous, no longer welcome by his family in Thyatis, is reported to have opened a high-end fencing school in Ierendi.

The Lady Ecella was rumored to have traveled to Norwald in search of a dominion to rule.

Arceous was last seen in the vicinity of the Caves of Chaos searching for his missing Orcs.

Lokar, upon hearing of The Master’s flying ship, was said to have left in search of such a vessel muttering something about “flying north” and “ore, ore!”

Magalena’s Temple of Valerias is thriving thanks to all of the soldiers quartered in Specularum.

Rogan – Rogan is still trying to figure out how to use his musket.

The Final Countdown
Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 27, 1000AC

The venal Enchanter Thusla Hagnar (aka Bargle aka Aurelius) was finally brought to justice near the cold waters of Lake Windrush. When it looked like he might fly to safety, The Seer’s immortal guardians overcame Thusla’s fell magics and sent him hurtling into the Lake. Dragged to shore by The Seer, he was severely pummeled by his old nemesis Caelnach (we are glad he’s back!) before Sedulous’ rapier ended his life in the muddy street. At his death, the animated trees/orcs that threatened the women and children of Threshold returned to their benign tree forms, but not before a good part of the tenements of Fogor’s Isle were burned to ashes.

Emboldened, the revolutionary army marched on Kelvin, where the party found the Black Eagle had decamped for the comfort of Fort Doom (apparently after receiving Thusla’s severed head as a message). Finding an ally in Baron Desmond Kelvin II, the rebels marched on Specularum where they concocted a two-pronged plan to open the city’s gates to their militiamen.

Next session will see the exciting conclusion of this venture of liberation! Hope you are there!

“You don’t fight rust monsters with steel.” (meaning: Choose your battles/tactics/weapons.)

Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 1, 1000AC

Last session saw the rebel’s first taste of warfare and victory! Retreating northward, the Red Hand forces found themselves trapped between the Duke’s regulars and a loyalist militia defending Verge. In the first action, Fenrir downed a potion, grew to twice his normal size and used his newfound strength to unbar Verge’s gate to the Highlanders and militiamen. Verge’s defenders were driven from the town.

The next afternoon, the Duke’s troops arrived and camped outside their wall. The sneakier members of the party assassinated Alexius Korrigan, Seneschal and cousin to the Duke. Genuinely liked by many Traldarans, his death has driven home the seriousness of the war.

After a bitter battle the next day, the Duke’s forces were not able to breach the palisade, the Verge militia was decisively shattered and the Duke’s marines took significant losses.

Currently, the party has snuck into Threshold under a moonless sky in the shape of a mist to surprise the Black Eagle’s court wizard Bargle/Thusla – Bargle has threatened to kill the women and children of the town if the Threshold militia doesn’t stand down. Things look desperate for Bargle.

Fenrir, Veris and The Seer each earned 15,000 XP.

“Giants stumble under canopy.” (Dymrak goblin proverb, refers to the wisdom of fighting on their home turf.)

The Bigger They Are...
Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Sviftmont 15, 1000AC

After their brush with horror in Highforge, the party set off for the Cruth Mountains to assist the clan of their fallen comrade Agil MacFiadhu in their feud with Clan Donal. Halfway there, the party learned the Donals had subdued the MacFiadhu with the help of an enormous “man.” The Highlanders declared for the Duke and marched to besiege the Black Eagle in Kelvin to the sound of pipe and drum.

Finding their camp atop a hill, Fenrir and Roger crept upon an enormous tent where Fenrir immediately recognized the Donal patron as a Fire Giant. Failing to persuade the giant Ailborg to join the rebellion with a promise of half of Karameikos, they withdrew, waited for evening and Roger did what he does best.

Once again waiving a severed head about, the party confronted Clan Donal. After learning Aiborg had been holding the clan leader’s sons hostage, the party rescued them from pet dire wolves in a nearby cave. With his sons safe and impressed by the prowess of the party, Toril Donal joined the Highlanders to the rebellion!

The party then marched to Threshold to arm and train their citizen soldiers.

In other war news, the embassy to Baron Sulescu was a success and his unit joined the rebellion. The Vorloi militia made it through the Dymrak and met clanless centaurs who joined to fight alongside The Seer!

All that now stands in the way of the liberation of the Traldar is dwindling coffers, the Black Eagle’s troops in Kelvin and the Duke’s troops hunkering down in Specularum!

“He’s thicker than a troll’s bottom.” (Vestlandian, about a dull person)

Big Trouble in Little Highforge
Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Sviftmont 8, 1000AC

Sensing something wrong in Highforge, The Seer and Fenrir led the party northward again through the forests of Karameikos, as the momentum of the revolution accelerated. Their suspicions appeared confirmed when they were attacked on the road by blank-faced gnomes and a grotesque, unnatural, humanoid beast sporting one large eye.

Later, they snuck into the Iron Axe to discover their contact Konar had been arrested by King Hilltopper’s men – for treason! Sauntering down to the Sleeping Giant – frequented by the King’s guard – The Seer “convinced” the guards to reveal the location of their secret prison.

Konar was rescued and led the party to a lost dwarven mine where it seemed the trouble may have started. It was not long before the party discovered an extra-dimensional be-tentacled horror that had apparently been controlling the King Hilltopper’s mind. After a bruising fight that nearly cost some of the party’s lives, the Illithid departed this dimension with a promise to return.

Naturally, King Hilltopper was pleased to be released from the alien creature’s thrall and promised a rich reward of excellent dwarvish weapons (at a much reduced price) to aid the rebellion.

Fenrir earned an inspiration for dragging a wounded comrade to safety.


“Feels like the days of the Kings again.” (Darokinian, mainly borderlands, when something good happens at last)


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