D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

Big Trouble in Little Highforge
Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Sviftmont 8, 1000AC

Sensing something wrong in Highforge, The Seer and Fenrir led the party northward again through the forests of Karameikos, as the momentum of the revolution accelerated. Their suspicions appeared confirmed when they were attacked on the road by blank-faced gnomes and a grotesque, unnatural, humanoid beast sporting one large eye.

Later, they snuck into the Iron Axe to discover their contact Konar had been arrested by King Hilltopper’s men – for treason! Sauntering down to the Sleeping Giant – frequented by the King’s guard – The Seer “convinced” the guards to reveal the location of their secret prison.

Konar was rescued and led the party to a lost dwarven mine where it seemed the trouble may have started. It was not long before the party discovered an extra-dimensional be-tentacled horror that had apparently been controlling the King Hilltopper’s mind. After a bruising fight that nearly cost some of the party’s lives, the Illithid departed this dimension with a promise to return.

Naturally, King Hilltopper was pleased to be released from the alien creature’s thrall and promised a rich reward of excellent dwarvish weapons (at a much reduced price) to aid the rebellion.

Fenrir earned an inspiration for dragging a wounded comrade to safety.


“Feels like the days of the Kings again.” (Darokinian, mainly borderlands, when something good happens at last)


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