D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

The Final Countdown

Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 27, 1000AC

The venal Enchanter Thusla Hagnar (aka Bargle aka Aurelius) was finally brought to justice near the cold waters of Lake Windrush. When it looked like he might fly to safety, The Seer’s immortal guardians overcame Thusla’s fell magics and sent him hurtling into the Lake. Dragged to shore by The Seer, he was severely pummeled by his old nemesis Caelnach (we are glad he’s back!) before Sedulous’ rapier ended his life in the muddy street. At his death, the animated trees/orcs that threatened the women and children of Threshold returned to their benign tree forms, but not before a good part of the tenements of Fogor’s Isle were burned to ashes.

Emboldened, the revolutionary army marched on Kelvin, where the party found the Black Eagle had decamped for the comfort of Fort Doom (apparently after receiving Thusla’s severed head as a message). Finding an ally in Baron Desmond Kelvin II, the rebels marched on Specularum where they concocted a two-pronged plan to open the city’s gates to their militiamen.

Next session will see the exciting conclusion of this venture of liberation! Hope you are there!

“You don’t fight rust monsters with steel.” (meaning: Choose your battles/tactics/weapons.)



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