D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2


Free Traldar!

Campaign Journal – Eirmont 1, 1000AC

Last session saw the rebel’s first taste of warfare and victory! Retreating northward, the Red Hand forces found themselves trapped between the Duke’s regulars and a loyalist militia defending Verge. In the first action, Fenrir downed a potion, grew to twice his normal size and used his newfound strength to unbar Verge’s gate to the Highlanders and militiamen. Verge’s defenders were driven from the town.

The next afternoon, the Duke’s troops arrived and camped outside their wall. The sneakier members of the party assassinated Alexius Korrigan, Seneschal and cousin to the Duke. Genuinely liked by many Traldarans, his death has driven home the seriousness of the war.

After a bitter battle the next day, the Duke’s forces were not able to breach the palisade, the Verge militia was decisively shattered and the Duke’s marines took significant losses.

Currently, the party has snuck into Threshold under a moonless sky in the shape of a mist to surprise the Black Eagle’s court wizard Bargle/Thusla – Bargle has threatened to kill the women and children of the town if the Threshold militia doesn’t stand down. Things look desperate for Bargle.

Fenrir, Veris and The Seer each earned 15,000 XP.

“Giants stumble under canopy.” (Dymrak goblin proverb, refers to the wisdom of fighting on their home turf.)



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