D&D Encounters Montasy Chapter 2

Yester Hill

Curse of Strahd

Any new or returning characters can start at 5th level.

Last session saw some new and fun characters (thanks to everyone for diving right in).

Close on the trail of the first group of strangers to arrive in Barovia is a foppish noble, a wizard prone to outrageous boasts, a relaxing cleric (free back rubs) and a slightly paranoid dwarf who enjoys mud wrestling.

Their journey took them from the gates of Krezk, to the Wizard of Wines (who insists it is just a clever name), and a mysterious hill topped with a stone circle, a wooden statue of a caped figure, a large deathly looking tree and several humanoid creatures that look like walking plants covered in needles. The party hopes to recover a green, glowing magical seed that will put the Wizard’s winery back in business.



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